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YLSK-7160CNC computer spring machine is mainly used for producing various types of coil springs, Equipped with Taiwan Yitu controller system & Japanese Servo Motor.

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Efficient Spring Machine YLSK-7160CNC computer spring machine is mainly used for producing various types of coil springs, Equipped with Taiwan Yitu controller system & Japanese Servo Motor.

2.Design concept
Equipped with international advanced technology, pursue technical quality,developed with experience, practical and durable
3.1.The feeding part contains five pairs of feeding rollers. The pressure of the roller is beneficial to reduce the deformation of the steel wire during the rolling process, and the feed shaft and gear adopt a high-grade alloy knot.
The carburizing and quenching of the steel is greatly improved by the wear resistance, bending strength and impact toughness.
Each feed shaft is supported by two sets of double row roller bearings.
In addition, with effective sealing measures, the lubrication is good and the bearing life is longer.
3.2.The machine adopts seven-axis servo control, and the upper and lower variable diameter, pitch and core cutter lifting parts are all heavy-duty precision.
Grinding ball screw drive, precise positioning, efficient power saving, easier to use  and easier to repair. Especially bending of the wire end is more accurate and faster by the positioning

of the hydraulic cylinder.
3.3.the servo design of the main Cutters completely changed the traditional cutting process, the original core due to structural reasons.
We are the first one who applied mandrel cutter servo on big spring machine and decrease the cost tremendously.
3.4.The machine body (frame) and the base are precision casted by resin sand technology, and the material is cast with high grade Iron.
The body is made of rigid design, not easy to be deformed, one-time casting molding & artificial aging treatment. The machine body have the characteristics of good shock absorption, which overcomes the stress concentration of the steel plate welding process.
Large processing center processing, reliable quality.

3.6. The feeding is compressed by the gas-liquid boosting cylinder, and the pressure is stable
and reliable. The hydraulic system has been eliminated, saving energy and reducing equipment failure rates.
3.8.Adopting the authentic Taiwan Yitu seven-axis spring machine system, the system is stable and reliable, and the enterprise is first-class.
3.9.Servo motor adopts Sanyo brand of Japan, which has a large market share and excellent performance.
3.12.The feeding servo motor is matched with the servo-specific coupling, which overcomes the difficulty of some manufacturers due to direct connection.
The problem caused by encoder damage. In addition, there are various auxiliary supports for the large motors used on the machine tools. Minimize the adverse consequences of excessive motor overhang.
3.13.Lubrication adopts automatic and manual mode design, users can choose according to the specific conditions of spring production. Both mode minimizes lubricant contamination of the spring.
3.14.Adopting German universal flexible terminal, the contact is anti-corrosion,
anti-vibration, and the contact is firm, It have great benefits in reducing equipment failure rate.
3.15.Roller uses refined materials to refine metal grains and improve mechanical properties. 3.16, With functions of, Material shutdown, No material shutdown, Rack failure shutdown
and Internal alarm shutdown function.
3.17. The machine is operated under good lubrication. The grease added in assembly parts, bearing, gears.

Parameters/Model YLSK-7160CNC
Wire diameter (mm) Ø6.0~Ø16.0
Axis Count 7 Axis
Outside Diameter (mm) Max 220
Max feeding Length Unlimited
Max feeding Speed 0-75 m/min
Max. Cutting Speed 50 times/min
Max Roller Pressure 0~6 tons adjustable
Program Storage 999 Max
Instruction value of wire feed ±0.01~±9999.99mm
Instruction value of cam ±0.10~±359.90
Servo motor of wire feed (kw) 37

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