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YLSK-1120/1128 Universal Cam less Spring Machine allows easy programming, precise & stable wire feeding mechanism. Twelve axis synchronous operation, Divided into Eight slides axis, Mandrel (Quill) axis, Wire feeder and Coiling Spinner (optional) axis. Equipped with Taiwan computer control and Japanese imported servo motors.

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Wire feeding system is vertically mounted back side of the machine, 2 groups of wire feeding rollers gives feeding accuracy up to 0.01mm. Features: noise free, high synchronization accuracy.
YLSK-1020/1028 Universal Cam less Spring Machine
The coiling device is mounted on slide. Axis Position, Wire Length, Production Speed & Quantity of production are all displayed on the screen. Online programming and debugging is convenient. Suitable for special shaped spring, Torsion Spring, Extension Spring and many more special designs can produce.
Model YLSK-1020 YLSK-1028
Machining wire diameter Ø0.2~Ø2.3 Ø0.2~Ø2.8
 Axis Count 3-12 Axis 3-11 Axis
Max feeding Length Unlimited Unlimited
 Program Storage 999 Max 999 Max
Instruction value of wire feed ±0.01~±9999.99mm ±0.01~±9999.99mm
Instruction value of cam ±0.10~±359.90 ±0.10~±359.90
Servo motor of wire feed 2.7 2.7
Servo motor of slide 8×0.4 8×0.75
Servo motor of Quill (Z-axis) 0.75 0.4
Servo motor of Coiling Spinner (optional) 0.4 0.4
Machine size (LxWxH) (mm) 1400×850×1600 1450×900×1700
Weight (kg)  850 1000
Power 380V 3-Phase 380V 3-Phase

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