Product Description

-YLSK-410 four-axis CNC Compression Spring Machine is divided into total 4 Axis i.e. Cam, Wire feeding, Upper cutter, and Lower cutter Axis. Each axis is controlled by a servo motor.
-Taiwan computer control system and Japan servo motor, which provides convenient and fast operation, high speed and high precision.
-The cam, wire feeding, upper cutting knife and lower cutting knife can all operate independently or synchronously. The feeding length is unlimited and can be programmed online.
-YLSK-410 can process a wide range of spring products, such as various compression springs, oil seal springs, battery springs, conical springs, double conical springs, safety springs, magazine springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs and various Simple wire forming etc.


Product Info

Minorder 1
Certification Quality & CE Certification.
Place China
Packaging Standard Packaging inner with water proof Plastic bag and outside with wooden box.

Product Detail


Model YLSK-410
Wire Diameter (mm) Ø0.15~Ø1.0
Axis Count 4 Axis
Maximum Speed (Pieces/Min) 800
Max feeding Length Unlimited
Max feeding Speed 150 m/min
Servo motor of wire feed (kw) 1.0
Servo motor of cam (kw) 1.0
Upper Cutter Servo motor  (kw) 1.0
Lower Cutter Servo motor (kw) 1.0
Machine size (LXWXH)   980x1100x1600 mm
Weight (kg) 530
Power 3-Phase 380V.AC.50HZ

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