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1. Equipped with Taiwan controller system and Japanese servo motors.

2. The controller has two language options as Chinese and English, which is easy to operate and accurate in positioning. The computer can control Six servo motors, and all motors can run synchronously or individually.
3. Equipped with precision detection and tracking device, if there are defective products, it will stop automatically.
4. According to the working conditions, the outer diameter and angle of the product can be corrected at any time.
5. The machine equipped with Linear Guide rail and Ball Screw pair with imported brand to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.
6. The Automatic Shutdown, Acceleration function of the wire Feeding stand when the wire finish, broken or tangled, make the production easy and effective.
7. It is suitable for the production of Torsion springs, Straight springs, Rectangular springs, Spiral springs, Conical Springs, and various fancy springs.



Parameters YLSK-620
Machining wire diameter Ø0.3Ø2.0MM
Number of axes (SERVO) 6
Wire Feeding length unlimited
Wire feeding speed 0-110m/min
Instruction value of wire feed (MM) ±0.01±9999.99
Instruction value of cam ±0.10±359.90
Servo motor of wire feed 2.7 KW
Servo motor for Outer diameter 0.75x2 KW
Servo motor for Cutter shaft 0.75KWx2 KW
Servo motor of Pitch 0.4 KW
Machine size 1350x750x1450 MM
Weight 600 KG
Power 3-Phase 380v,220v.50HZ


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