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YLSK-560CNC Computer Coiling Spring Machine is specially designed sturdy and  durable. This machine uses three pairs of wheel for wire feeding the upper and lower servos are cut off. The variable diameter mechanism adopts a precision servo reducer for the transmission mechanism, less noise and maintenance-free. The automatic lubrication system is filled with the reflow design with the oil pool, and the lubricating oil can be recycled, which reduces the use

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CNC Wire Spring Coiling Machine cost of the machine tool. The control system adopts the original Taiwan Yitu system, Chinese and English operation language interface, Table format programming, Easy to use, and Automatic programming option.

Function and features
5 Axis design with reasonable price and good quality. Special pressing ways can make pressure adjustment stable.
Cutting can be straight or double side, Pitch distance can be adjusted freely.
If material feeding stopped in the half way or material finished it has protection function

Parameters/Model YLSK-560
Wire diameter (mm) Ø2.0~Ø6.0
Axis Count 5 Axis
Outside Diameter (mm) Max 90
Max feeding Length Unlimited
Max feeding Speed 0-110 m/min
Program Storage 999 Max
Instruction value of wire feed ±0.01~±9999.99mm
Instruction value of cam ±0.10~±359.90
Servo motor of wire feed 15
Servo motor of cam 2.9
Servo motor of upper 4.4
Servo motor of lower 4.4
Servo motor of pitch 1.3
 Machine size 2170×1350×2260
Weight 3250
power 380V 3-Phase
Wire Feeder Capacity (YLSK-X500) 500 Kg, 1000 mm Dia, 220V

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