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YLSK-7230CNC computer coiling spring machine is mainly used for rolling

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CNC SPRING COILING MACHINE YLSK-7230CNC computer coiling spring machine is mainly used for rolling high precision large diameter variable pitch variable pitch compression spring manufacturing. The machine equipped with seven-axis servo control and is designed based on YLSK-7200CNC.
The feeding roller has been increased to seven groups, and its cutting rigidity and performance have been greatly improved. The only spring equipment that follows the world's cutting-edge technology on the large-diameter coil spring machine, its performance & technology is advance.
The machine's seven-axis servo configuration is: Feeding axis, up and down cutting axis, up and down diameter axis, Pitch and Core cutter lifting Axis.
In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost, the feed adopts
two-speed shifting.The cutting and reducing slides are made of relatively wear-resistant materials and heat treatment process.
each feeding shaft is supported by two sets of double row roller bearings, plus effective sealing measures longer bearing life.The large motors used on the machine tools have various auxiliary supports
Lubrication adopts automatic and manual mode design, users can choose lubrication according to the specific conditions of spring production. Mode to minimize the contamination of the spring by the lubricant.
The control line terminal adopts the universal flexible terminal block imported from Germany, and the contact is anti-corrosion and anti-vibration.

Parameters/Model YLSK-7230CNC
Wire diameter (mm) Ø10.0~Ø23.0
Axis Count 7 Axis
Outside Diameter (mm) Max 260
Max feeding Length Unlimited
Max feeding Speed 0-64 m/min (Two Gears)
Max. Cutting Speed 45 times/min
Max Roller Pressure 0~10 tons adjustable
Program Storage 999 Max
Instruction value of wire feed ±0.01~±9999.99mm
Instruction value of cam ±0.10~±359.90
Servo motor of wire feed (kw) 55
Reducer Motor (kw) 2x15 kw
Servo motor of cam (kw) 4.4 with brake
Servo motor of upper (kw) 30(plus reducer)
Servo motor of lower (kw) 30(plus reducer)
Servo motor of pitch (kw) 7.5
Machine size (mm) 3468×2400×2800
Machine Weight (kg) 24000 Kg
power 380V 50Hz 3-Phase
Wire Feeder Capacity (YLSK-X2500) 2500 kg, 2500mm Diam

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